Examination Data and Performance Tables

Here you will find all of the school latest GCSE results and Performance Data.

The Department for Education's website allows you to look at all school's performance data.

GCSE Results 2014

% Students
with 5A*-C

% Students

with 5A*-C inc
Eng and Maths

% Students

with 5A*-G
% Students

with 1 A*-G






Girls 82
51 44 95 100
Boys 95
37 34 95 100


2.3% of students achieved the E-Baccalaureate (9% of the cohort of 177 entered this qualification)

A full list of the Results in all subject areas  can be downloaded below.

Levels of progress KS2 to KS4

The Government currently sets a minimum expectation of the rate of progress that all pupils should make during a key stage, regardless of their starting point. The majority of children are expected to leave KS2 (age 11), working at least at level 4. By the end of KS4, pupils who were at level 4 should progress to achieve at least a grade C at GCSE; while pupils working at level 6 should be expected to achieve at least an A at GCSE, see diagram below. These are minimum expectations.

The graph shows the minimum levels of progress for all KS2 levels. 

If you consider a C at GCSE to be a Level 7, then this explains the 3 Levels of Progress calculation.

Minimum Levels of Progress 2014

% of students making 3 levels of progress in English was 85.9%

% of students making 3 levels of progress in Maths was 49.4%