ICT/Business Studies

Welcome to the ICT and Business Studies Department @ Tamworth Enterprise College

Our aims

  • Develop e-confident learners who have the capability to use ICT effectively and safely in all areas of their learning
  • Promote the innovative and positive use of ICT systems and applications
  • Enable students to meet the entitlement as stated in the National Curriculum
  • Develop an awareness of the scope of ICT applications and how best to use ICT as a tool for finding things out, developing ideas and making things happen and exchanging and sharing information
  • Encourage students to achieve their potential; recognising routes for specialising in ICT as they progress, as well as making use of ICT within other subjects


The ICT/Business Studies department currently has 3 members of teaching staff

Mrs A. Blount Head of Faculty, Tutor of ICT and Business Studies

Mrs J. Whooley Tutor of ICT

Mrs L. Blakemore Tutor of ICT & Business Studies

Support Staff

Mr M. Khan Network Manager

Mr B. Machin Senior ICT Technician

Mr D. Marshall ICT Technician


The following outline the facilities available within the ICT faculty.

ICT Office - an office where staff can work uninterrupted and meet with external colleagues. Office resources include a networked computer, printer and scanner.

We have 3 ICT suites consisting of 27 networked computers. Windows 7 Operating System, Office 2013, colour laser printer, interactive whiteboard and speakers.