Literacy in the Classroom

‘There are two essential reasons why all teachers should have a better understanding of the role that Literacy plays in their subject .First, it would enable them to build on and consolidate the direct teaching of literacy that takes place in English lessons. Second, such training would enable them to understand how improved reading, writing, speaking and listening skills would help students to make more progress in their own lessons’

OFSTED.March 2012.Moving English forward.

We strongly advocate at Tamworth Enterprise College that all teachers are teachers of literacy. We are committed to developing the literacy skills of every pupil in the confidence that it will support their learning across the curriculum, enhance their understanding of subject matter delivered and raise standards of teaching and learning within our school.

We believe:

  • Pupils need a varied vocabulary, confident expression and organisational control to cope with the required levels of learning that subjects require to make good levels of progress
  • Reading helps pupils learn above and beyond the subject matter, texts they are given within the daily curriculum
  • Writing helps to sustain and clarify thought
  • Language helps us to reflect, revise and evaluate the things pupils do
  • Being able to interpret and respond to higher order questioning in class helps pupils develop their level of enquiry and gain mature thinking skills.
  • Improved literacy impacts on pupils’ self-esteem, motivation and behaviour .It empowers them to learn independently
  • Development of a pupils’ emotional literacy supports them to think and reflect upon more complex issues and formulate their own opinions developing a sense of self .

The resources here are replicas of what is in each classroom. We take great pride at Tamworth Enterprise College in sharing resources and ideas that make Literacy an explicit part of each lesson.

Literacy Folder can be downloaded as a PDF document. This is a working document and will be updated regularly.


The Literacy folders are a resource that supports pupils in their learning. Teachers add to this folder daily, making key literacy resources relevant for the subject area they are teaching.

Each pupil has their own specific Literacy target that all of their teachers are familiar with .Their English teacher will set this target each half term and review it regularly. Your child should be able to tell you what their area for improvement is in Literacy.

There is a lot of key information in your child’s planner. You can also communicate to their tutor, teacher or Head of House through this. We welcome your feedback and questions!