New website launched

Welcome to the new TEC Website!

It has taken a little while to develop. Changes to the school uniform meant we had to change all of the images for the prospectus, but we are very pleased with the new site and we hope you like it too and find the navigation simple and effective. It is fully compatible with all devices.

The site navigation should be fairly self explanatory, but all details can be found on the welcome page. We have grouped together all of the statutory elements of the site into one easily navigable table on the Welcome Page. All information for current and future parents, school procedures etc. can be found under this heading.

We are developing a Parents Forum page, where you will be able to contribute your views on a variety of TEC issues.

If you have any queries or suggestions please mail the Web Manager, Mike Armstrong (

Articles/reviews and local news would be very welcome, if anyone in our community wishes to contribute.

We are developing an app so that up to date information is pushed to you on your mobile or tablet. This will include current letters, news updates, calendar and links to other sites and information. here is an image of the app. Details of how to obtain the app and how to use it, will be given here as soon as it is ready, which will probably be in a week or two.

We are also in the process of developing a Facebook Page, seen here.

This means that all parents and other interested parties will be able to access all day to day information, news and letters on their platform of choice.