Visit to Harry Potter World

Harry Potter World.

7.30am on Monday 16th June 2014, saw a group of year 11 TEC students, Mrs Woolley, Mr Thomas and myself (Mrs Macdonald) leave school to embark upon a journey into the magical world of Harry Potter.

Travelling in the school mini bus (expertly driven by Mrs Woolley) we made the 2 hour trip to the Warner bros. tour in London.

Arriving at Harry Potter World

On our arrival, we were met by a tour guide who led us to a cinema where we watched a short film about the spectacular that is HARRY POTTER.

Suddenly the screen began to rise and there before our eyes were the doors to Hogwarts Great Hall!

Our very own Casey Orme was lucky enough to be chosen to fling open the doors and the tour began.

The spectacular Great Hall includes the costumes of students from each of the Hogwarts houses plus two large tables which are set for dinner; at the top of the room is the teachers’ table where the Hogwarts Professors sat.

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The first part of our tour allowed us to see Dumbledore's office , Potions Classroom, the Burrow and so much more. Around every corner there was so much to take in from a room full of wands to an enormous animatronic head of Hagrid with moving eyes and lips based on a mould of actor Robbie Coltrane’s actual face. It was here that we had the exciting opportunity to ride a broomstick! We have a DVD of Mr Thomas riding high across London heading towards Hogwarts!!!!!! Here is a clip from it.

By now it was lunch time so we headed outside to eat our packed lunches just outside number 4 Privet Drive – this was the quiet, suburban home of the Dursleys, the relatives who raised Harry Potter after his parents' unexpected deaths.

We saw the Knight bus and walked across the Hogwarts bridge .

It was here that we sampled Butter beer – a very unusual drink! Not sure if I really liked it. The Studio Tour is one of only two places in the world you can taste Butter beer.

Filled with butter beer, we resumed our tour going to Diagon Alley. This is a cobbled wizarding street and shopping area located in London behind a pub called the Leaky Cauldron. Inside the alley is an assortment of restaurants, shops, and other sights.

Next we spent an intriguing time being amazed by a whole host of animatronics, special effects and models used during filming.

Our final stop was the model room! Very much a case of leaving the best until last!!!!! Here you get a 360˚ view of the incredible, hand sculpted 1:24 scale Hogwarts castle that features in many of the films.

The Hogwarts castle model is the jewel in the crown of the Art Department. Built for the first film, the model's every courtyard, tower and turret were filmed and enhanced with digital effects to create realistic views of the magical school.

Sadly it was all too quickly time to make our way back to Tamworth. The Harry Potter tour was amazing – this coming from a person who has not read a Harry Potter book nor seen any of the films!

But guess what I will be doing this summer!!!!!!

If you get the opportunity to visit Harry Potter world please go.