Year 9 Students Visit the Holocaust Centre

The students visited the Holocaust Centre to obtain a greater understanding of the History of the Holocaust, which is studied in the Year 9 Humanities curriculum.

They toured the Memorial Garden, the Holocaust Museum and had a talk from a Holocaust survivor, Mr Rudi Oppenheimer.

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Students' Responses
I thought the trip to the Holocaust centre was a very educational whilst emotional experience. I found it truly interesting and the detail of information that was available and how much respect and thought was shown towards the victims of the terrible atrocities and acts of terror. I would recommend the trip to anyone at the school.

Robert Truman

The Holocaust Memorial Centre was very interesting, although emotive .The gardens which surrounded the centre were filled with sculptures and little rose memorials for those who lost their lives during the holocaust; there were small metal plaques in front which showed who the flower was dedicated to. There was a monument near the front of the centre which was inscribed with the names of the six death camps with soil from each of them underneath, immediately next to this was a pile of stones, you able to place a stone on top of the pile in memorial of the children who died. Upon our arrival we watched a short film which lasted for around twenty minutes which briefly informed us of some of the events of the holocaust, we then had the opportunity to walk around the gardens, and then we sat in an outdoor dome in which we thought of questions to ask the survivor, the room was quite chilly. We then walked through the exhibition which informed us of the events around and during the holocaust, we could have done with more time to walk through this though, we only had enough time to take in half of it. After lunch, we sat and talked to a holocaust survivor, who was very interesting and presented his story well, he was happy to answer any of our queries. Over all, the trip was very interesting.

Rosina Poller

On the trip to the Holocaust Centre, there was a large pile of stones by the main gates where visitors place a stone to remember each child that was killed during the horrific events of Nazi Germany in world war two. We each had the chance to walk around the exhibitions and the gardens before meeting a real holocaust survivor, Rudi Oppenheimer. It was a fantastic experience and it was one that I will remember for my entire life. I recommend the Holocaust Centre to anybody who is looking for information on the tragic events of the 1930's and 40's

Brandon Finney

On the trip to the Holocaust memorial centre, there were many plaques to honour anybody who sadly lost their lives in the Holocaust. There was an exhibition to help us learn all about how Jews were treated during the duration of the Holocaust. We were given a small booklet to write information on while we walked through the exhibition. Later on during the day, a Holocaust survivor talked about his life and how he was mistreated, however he still stayed positive while talking about this horrible time during his life which made it more joyous to listen to his story.

Phoebe Cheetham

The trip to Holocaust Memorial centre, Beth Shalom was absolutely fantastic. The opportunity to hear the story first-hand from an actual survivor was something I'll never forget in my life. He was so open about his experience and it was really touching.

Amelia Jones