School Uniform


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If you are in any doubt about what is/is not permitted, please check with the school beforehand.

Tamworth Enterprise College is a ‘uniformed’ school. Therefore there is a clear expectation that pupils attending TEC will wear the full uniform, will wear it appropriately and that this expectation will be supported by parents.

Our policy is based on the notion that a school uniform:

  • Promotes a sense of pride in the school
  • Engenders a feeling of community and belonging
  • Is practical and smart
  • Identifies the children with the school
  • Is not distracting in class (as fashion clothes might be)
  • Makes pupils feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance and financial circumstances
  • Is regarded as suitable and good value for money, by most parents

Uniform is worn by pupils in Years 7-11.

Recommended suppliers are listed at the end of this policy.

From September 2014

BLAZERS: All Years will wear black, traditional-style uniform blazers (available from most supermarkets and school uniform suppliers). Black, fitted, fashion-styled jackets will NOT be permitted

In warm weather the school will operate a ‘blazers off’ policy. Pupils will be informed when these days are operating. Alternatives to the blazer will not be permitted.

BLAZER BADGE: This is a compulsory part of the uniform and can be sewn or embroidered onto the blazer. This can be purchased from the recommended suppliers listed at the end of the policy.

WHITE SHIRTS: AllYears will wear a plain white shirt with a collar.

School Tie: All years will wear the school tie, with the appropriate House Stripe.

TROUSERS:From September 2014 All Years will wear plain (no decorative: buttons, zips, belts, etc) black, standard school trousers ONLY. Fashion trousers are not permitted. Trousers should not be tight-fitting or low-slung.

SKIRTS: Plain (no layers, frills, decorative buttons, zips, belts etc), black, standard-style school skirts. Skirts should be of a suitable length and not be tight-fitting or lycra-based. The maximum gap allowed between knee-cap and bottom of skirt is 10 cms (as measured when kneeling on the floor). We believe that this is a generous allowance and is a suitable balance between modesty and fashionable length. Please take into account when purchasing a skirt that your daughter will grow in height over the year.

FOOTWEAR: From September 2011 only black, plain (no colour trim or logo at all) standard school shoes will be permitted. Black trainers, canvas-style shoes, backless shoes etc will not be permitted. Trainer-style school shoes (often displayed in the school shoes section of shops – reputable shoe shops included) are not permitted.Boots: We take the view that boots are  practical, warm alternative to shoes during snowy conditions.

Socks/tights: Black, grey or white school socks. Black or natural coloured tights (not patterned).


Hair: should be neat and tidy. Extreme styles, unnatural hair colours, decorative attachments are not permitted. Tram lines or other shaved shapes in the hair or eyebrows are not permitted.

Make-up: Discreet, natural-looking make-up is permitted for Years 10 onwards. Clear nail polish is permitted. Years 7, 8 and 9 cannot wear make-up.

Jewellery: No jewellery, except for one wrist watch and a maximum of one plain set of stud earrings, metal-coloured, one in each ear, worn in the lower ear lobe. No other piercings are permitted. Face jewellery/piercings and nose studs are not allowed.

Belts: Plain black. If a belt is worn it should be for functional not decorative purposes. Maximum width for belt and for plain buckle = 4 cms.

SCARVES/HATS/GLOVES: Are permitted during winter months only and cannot be worn anywhere inside the building.

OUTDOOR COATS: Should be black or dark blue and can be worn over the blazer. Hoodies are NOT permitted and will be confiscated.

MOBILE PHONES AND OTHER ELECTRONIC DEVICES: Should only be used outside at breaks and lunchtimes unless otherwise directed by a member of staff in a lesson. Headphones should not be visible during lessons or lesson changeover. Phones/electronic devices brought into school remain the sole responsibility of the pupil. If for any reason they are confiscated by a member of staff then the school will take responsibility for their safety until returned. The school will decide whether the item is returned to the pupil or the parent.


Boys and Girls

  • School rugby shirt (optional for girls) Parents are advised to buy a shirt two sizes too large to enable boys to grow into it
  • 1.Micro Fleece (Girls, optional for the boys)
  • Black shorts
  • Long black socks
  • Football boots (boys only)
  • Black polo shirt
  • Clear soled non-marking indoor footwear
  • Swimming trunks/shorts
  • Towel for all lessons
  • Sweat-shirts

There will be strictly no use of any other aspect of fashionable PE clothing.

It is advised that students NAME their kit


The following company is a recommended supplier of our uniform. They are the only supplier of the academy tie and will embroider the academy badge onto any blazer. Trousers/skirts, shirts and blazers can be purchased from any other reputable supplier:

Uniform Warehouse: 28 Market Street, Tamworth, Staffordshire B79 7LR Tel: 01827 68291